Woman demands US$785 maintenance

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A Harare woman demanded US$785 maintenance from her child’s father based in the United Kingdom, saying he could afford it.

Grace Masisimani told the court that her 18-month-old child’s father, Milton Makinzi, is an entrepreneur who owns a truck company, a farm in Chegutu and other businesses in the UK.

“I want US$785 for our child. I still owe hospital bills in South Africa where he sent me. I contacted him to do a DNA test, but he never showed up.

“I know he has another family abroad and he even told me that my child is not his only child. I only want him to maintain his child,” said Grace.

Milton was represented by his lawyer, who said he had six other children and is willing to maintain the child for US$50 until a DNA is done.

“Your Honour, Grace declined to have the paternity test done several times and despite that my client will maintain the child with US$50.

“He is a married man and he looks after six minor children. Her claim is beyond his earnings because he earns US$600 and the companies in Zimbabwe collapsed,” said the lawyer.

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini granted Grace US$80 and encouraged her to do the DNA.

she stated that the order was granted because neither the lawyer nor Grace produced evidence to support their claims.

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