Woman disputes medical statements

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Woman disputes medical statements


19 November 2018

A HARARE woman is disputing the authenticity of her former husband’s medical reports as they were submitted as proof for his application for downward variation of maintenance.

The woman, only identified as Lilian, told the court that the documents produced by Edmore Manyanda were fake.

“The only reason he tendered those documents is because he does not want to take care of his child.

“This is a fake medical report which was done privately.

“He has fully recovered and the court must dismiss the claim,” said Lilian.

Lilian also said she would like the court to order for another report from a Government doctor.

“If the court will bear with me and order him to get a medical report from a government doctor in my presence,” she said.

Manyanda, who was represented by a lawyer responded saying people are free to get assistance from wherever they like.

“Your worship, there is no law that denies people the right to get medical reports from private doctors.

“The fact that she wants to be present will be a violation of my right to privacy,” said Manyanda.

Munyanda’s lawyer also to the court that his now has an added responsibility.

“I only had three children when she made her claim and now I have another child that I take care of.

“I was operated and the doctor said I need five years to recover that is why I need a downward variation as I won’t be able to fully provide for my children,” he added.

Presiding magistrate Shelah Nazombe granted the downward variation order where Manyanda is supposed to pay $80 from $100 per month with effect from November 30.

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