Gamuchirai Bhachi

THE Harare Civil Court has ordered a woman to pay her former landlord US$600 by the end of the month to settle outstanding rental arrears.

Francis Nyakudya had taken Stella Mafunga to court, saying she had not paid rent for three months and sought payment of US$630.

“She hasn’t paid rent since June. When I asked her for the money, she always gave different excuses. She must pay even though she has now left my house,” said Nyakudya.

Despite acknowledging her debt, Mafunga asked the court for a payment plan, stating that she could only afford to pay US$30 per month.

“I have already left his premises and I never refused to pay him his money. I can afford to pay US$30 per month,” said Mafunga.

She said if the court ordered her to pay more, she won’t manage because she doesn’t earn much.

Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu, however, deemed her repayment proposal too low and ordered her to settle the debt in full by the end of the month.

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