Woman gets protection from hubby

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Woman gets protection from hubby


Delight Kabiseni

A HARARE woman is at loggerheads with her husband who is disturbing her peace.

Icarty Masango applied for a protection order against her husband Enock Kambadza who verbally and physically abuses her.

“He is my husband.

“He assaults me in front of the children.

“He insults me,” she said.

“He married another wife.

“I am the one who sought the accommodation so I am not the one to move out.

“Currently, he is the one paying the rentals but as soon as he moves I will pay since I am employed,” said Masango.

In response, Kambadza told the court about assaulting his wife.

“She is my wife and the marriage still subsists.

“We are tenants and I am paying the rentals.

“I was convicted at the criminal court for physical abuse.

“I am serving a community service at rotten raw court,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Masango’s favour.

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