Woman ordered to pay ex-husband R1,2m

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Woman ordered to pay ex-husband R1,2m Pretoria high court


PRETORIA. A woman who refused to share her pension fund with her ex-husband saying he financially abused her while they were married, was ordered by the Pretoria High Court to pay him over R1,2 million from her pension fund.

The two were married in community of property and had no children.

However, the husband entered the marriage with two children born from a previous marriage.

The husband instituted divorce proceedings after 16 years of marriage and demanded division of the joint estate, half of her pension fund and alimony which he later abandoned.

During a pre-trial meeting held in January, the wife agreed to the division of the joint estate, but refused to share her pension fund which was over R3.6 million.

The wife insisted that her ex-husband should not receive half of her pension fund, saying she almost single-handedly raised his two kids by paying for their expenses, including school fees, university fees and medical aid.

She said her ex-husband purposefully married her to play the role of a mother to his children and to use her as a “cash cow” and on occasion also called her a “fat cat”.

She said shortly after the children completed their studies, the man commenced divorce proceedings in 2020 and barred her from having any contact with his children.

She said she had been financially abused by her ex-husband during their marriage.

She testified that he resigned from his employment in 2018 and received over R1,7 million from his pension fund.

He then moved out of their matrimonial home and she said he squandered most of his pension and only gave her R3 000.

In his defence, the man said they jointly took a decision that he resigns from his job due to his failing health.

From the proceeds, he transferred R1,2 million to a living annuity and used the balance to settle some of their debts, including paying up the bond, settling personal loans, paying off the balance owed on his motor vehicle and buying clothes for him and the children.

He said while he was still employed, he carried a number of the household expenses. He denied that he had financially abused his ex-wife.

From the evidence presented, the court found that he had paid over R400 000 on the joint debts from his pension fund. – IOL News.

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