Woman pesters married boyfriend

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Woman pesters married boyfriend Sevious Machanza and Jean Tusufi


14 July 2016

Sevious Machanza and Jean Tusufi

Sevious Machanza and Jean Tusufi

Trying to end an illicit affair he had with a local woman turned nasty when his lover vowed never to let him go as he had seen her naked.

Sevious Machanza was left with no choice but to approach the civil court for protection.

He alleged that Jean Tusufi comes to his workplace forcing him to have sex with her.

“I am a married man but at a moment of weakness I had an affair with Jean. We slept together for about two years until last year in October.

“I have since told her that we have to end the affair but she has been adamant. I tried talking to her to let her see that I am no longer interested in the relationship but it has not worked.

“She has been coming to my workplace demanding that I have sex with her. When she comes she will be shouting and everyone will hear her. I have no peace with her.

“As if coming to my workplace is not enough she is also disturbing my family. I was left with no choice but to come here. I have turned down her sex proposals but she has told me that I was going to give in to her demands whether I liked it or not,” he said.

In response Jean said she was not aware that their relationship had ended.

“I am surprised that he is saying our relationship ended. We last slept together two months ago so as far as I know we are still together.

“He actually gave me bed sheets and in return I gave him a jersey which shows that we are still in a relationship.

Besides haati haachadi kurara neni achatoda hake because akaona kushama kwangu.

“Aida kuona chii chaanoti akatopedza kuona. Acharara neni chete. Hatina kurambana isu we are still an item,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza barred Jean from insulting Sevious and going to his workplace to cause havoc.

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