Woman resurfaces to claim maintenance

18 Mar, 2019 - 14:03 0 Views
Woman resurfaces to claim maintenance


Ethiel Mafuta, Court Reporter

A Harare man has told the court that his estranged wife left him with the children only to resurface to claim maintenance.

Lasto Guriro told the Harare Civil Court last week that Maria Simango went to South Africa and left him in custody of their three-year-old twin daughters, only to appear four years later suing him for maintenance.

Guriro argued in court that, Simango had now seized custody of the daughters with a vendetta to take him to court.

“Our marriage did not go well and after some disputes my wife just left me with our twin daughters at three years (then).

“I was the one who was living with the children and taking care of all their needs. I took care of the children for four years and they are now seven years.

“My wife Maria Simango akaramwa vana maybe because of poverty which had stricken in our house. She came back and took the children by force threatening me that I would never see my twins again.

“Right now she is claiming for $153 maintenance for only a few days she was with the children,” he said.

In response, Simango said:

“I left home and went to South Africa for greener pastures but Lasto thinks l was running away from poverty.

“I saw the children roaming around the streets wearing old patched clothes.

“I took the children because they were complaining. It’s now my duty to take of the children and to spoil them since l went to

SA for their sake.”

Magistrate Stella Nazombe, who presided over the case, dismissed Simango’s maintenance claim.

She advised the two to approach the relevant court and first sort out the issues of custodianship.

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