Woman scammed by niece

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A Chitungwiza woman has accused her niece of tricking her and disposing of her Honda Fit vehicle.

Brenda Kadoni said her niece, Privy Kazembe, asked for her car to drive to Kadoma, but later informed her that it was involved in an accident beyond repair.

She said Kazembe’s child in the UK allegedly promised to pay her US$500 per month until it amounted to US$4 500 before November 22, 2022, but this has not happened.

“Privy asked for my Honda Fit saying she wanted to go to Kadoma and I gave her.

“After some days, she told me that she sent someone with the car and it was involved in an accident beyond repair. I told her that I want my car back, and her child in the UK told me that they will give me US$500 per month until it amounts to US$4 500.

“I only want the amount we agreed on and nothing else,” said Brenda.

Kazembe was not in court, but her lawyer argued that Brenda sold the car to someone else and is still receiving payment from the buyer.

“She is aware that she sold the car to Gibson Muriro and Gibson is surprised why she doesn’t serve him with the court papers.

“Brenda is lying that she is not aware of where her car is because the Warren Park police told her that her car is in Gokwe.

“If possible, I want to bring Gibson and Privy to court to testify in the next date,” said the lawyer.

Magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu postponed the matter September 22 for trial.

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