‘Woman seeks $700 variation’

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‘Woman seeks $700 variation’


Praise Mabuto, Court Reporter

A city woman yesterday said her maintenance order must be varied upwards to meet the prevailing cost of living.

Caroline Jigu applied for upward variation for her minor children’s maintenance from $150 to $850.

Caroline who sired the children with her husband Pallone Marowa submitted that her application was justified since the school fees for the children has gone up.

“The first born school fees has gone up by $20.

“The school fees of the other child who is in crèche have gone up as well.

“Basic commodities prices are rising  every day and the children’s upkeep is becoming difficult basing on $150 maintenance,” said Caroline.

She told the court that she is a vendor realizing little money.

“I am a vendor and l realise $30 per month which is insufficient for my own upkeep.

“My husband sells beer in bulk and I am sure he realises more than $500 per month,” she said.

Pallone told the court that he cannot afford $850.

“I have also another wife and children to take care of.

“Again I take care of my parents so I cannot afford to pay the amount she is claiming.

“I realise $400-500 per month and I have to pay rent where I do my market, “he said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu deferred the matter to September 12 for ruling.

Pallone was ordered to bring his EcoCash statement.







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