Woman seeks upward variation

03 Feb, 2023 - 00:02 0 Views
Woman seeks upward variation Sharon Chimbanu


Natasha Mbewe

A HARARE woman went to court seeking an upward variation of maintenance from $15 000 to $85 000 citing the rise in the cost of living.

Sharon Chimbanu was claiming $85 000 and school fees from her ex-husband, Kelvin August, but he only offered $25 000.

‘‘I want her to enrol the children at a government school where I can afford the fees,” said Kelvin. But Sharon argued that Kelvin said they had agreed on the school the children are enrolled at.

‘‘He says he cannot afford the fees, but we agreed on the school we should enrol the children. The older child has to pay exam fees and he is not even contributing. At one point he was even arrested for failing to pay,” she said.

Kelvin was ordered to pay $50 000 and school fees.

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