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Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

A BOUNCER was allegedly stabbed to death by his live-in-lover after a dispute over US$6000.

Sources say the dreadlocked bouncer Knowledge Fata, popularly known as Nox, worked as a security personnel at Innscor outlets in the CBD.

Prior to his death, sources say, Fata had left three children and a wife before moving in with his new girlfriend Venia Yolanda Chokore in Glen Norah.

Knowledge Fata

It is reported that on Saturday evening, Chokore and Fata were fighting over US$6000 which she demanded from her lover following leaked messages from his mobile phone.

Neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity said Chokore took a knife and stabbed Fata on his chest leading to his death.

“She stabbed him with a knife so deep that she could not remove it from his chest as the handle came off, leaving the steel in his chest. Fata had to seek refuge next door.

“Upon arriving at the neighbours’ doorstep, Fata could not hold on any longer as he called for help until he broke the door glass with his weight.

“The neighbours then came out after they heard the noise and assisted Chokore in carrying Fata into her car to take him to the hospital but he died before they could get help,” said the source.

Tawanda Chiketa, the neighbour where Fata had rushed to for help, said he was shocked by the tragedy.

“I have come to fix the broken glass and I was not aware about what they were fighting for.

“I’d been away in Masvingo when it happened but the incident is indeed sad,” said Chiketa.

A woman in the neighbourhood (name withheld) said that the landlady where Fata and Chokore rented witnessed an incident when the two were fighting.

“The woman was not friendly, even if you greet her she would not greet back despite that they had stayed at that house for three months and at one point in time, the woman took a machete and laid it on Fata’s throat,” she said.

Close friends to Fata told this publication that the two were always fighting over various issues.

“Her ex-husband also has a wound on his rib side after Chokore stabbed him, so you see, this w

oman has a bad history and that’s what has landed her into this mess,” they said.

A source claimed that Chokore with her lawyer said that Fata beat her up until she fainted and upon gaining consciousness, that’s when she found her lover lying dead with a knife on his chest.

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