Woman surrenders goblins

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Woman surrenders goblins


16 August 2017

AN UNIDENTIFIED woman made a chilling confession on Sunday when she surrendered goblins at an apostolic shrine led by Madzibaba Spenlodge ‘Magirazi’ Madenyika in Kuwadzana 4.

The woman claimed she brought her goblins to the shrine so that they would be burnt in front of the congregants.

She told Madzibaba Magirazi that the goblins were tormenting her and she was no longer interested in them.

The woman claimed she got the troublesome goblins from Malawi when she was still young.

“I no longer want these goblins anymore because zvirikundirova.

“We used to travel to other countries and different places bewitching people with animal skins.

“At first, I was told by Madzibaba Magirazi to surrender them but I refused because I still wanted them.

“I even went to my rural home as a way of delaying submission of my goblins but today I gained the courage.

“I no longer want them handichada zvemabasa erima and I am done with them.

“Madzibaba I am being beaten and I have no peace at all at home because of these goblins.

“All the things which I was using are here and they should all be burnt to ashes today.

“These are the weapons we were using to open doors, graves, offices and any other buildings.

“In this container, there is human blood and nyama iyi ndeyemunhu.

“We have been to Malawi, Mozambique and in this country practising witchcraft.”

She could be seen demonstrating how they were using some of the tools and also offered to give other congregants if they want.

“Some of these things are important and they can help you if you want I can give you.

“Imwe Mushonga yemusana and mudumbu. They can make you rich if you want you can inherit.

“As for me I no longer have peace because of these goblins,” she claimed.

After confessions, she ran into the crowd but the congregants were afraid of her.

Madzibaba Magirazi said:

“I want to cleanse this suburb. It is well known for social evils and I want this place stop all these.

“From the statistics, this district recorded highest sexual transmitted diseases.

“If people turn to God all these things will lessen or rather end.

“I told this woman to surrender her goblins but she has been refusing for a long period and for now she has been cleansed.”

During the service there was another woman who claimed she was having sex with a snake.

“The snake licks my private parts before having sex with me.

“After having sex with the snake I see semen on my private parts.

“I am not married, whenever I try to be married my partner would die because zvonzi ndirimukadzi wezvikwambo.

“I have more than three boyfriends, who died and others lost their jobs because of dating me.

“I had unprotected sex with one of my boyfriends and I fell pregnant but without time I had a miscarriage,” she said.

She added:

“Madzibaba help me, I want this problem to end and I want to be married.

“I see my maternal grandfather coming to my room naked when I am asleep.

“I grew up at his place but I decided to go to my father’s place after finishing school but it was against his will.”

Meanwhile, another woman stripped naked at the shrine before requesting sex at male congregants.

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