Woman threatens to kill ex-hubby

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Woman threatens to kill ex-hubby


Tadiwa Murapiro  , Court Reporter

A Harare woman is allegedly threatening to kill her ex-hubby with the assistance of her boyfriend.

This came to light after Goodwin Gondokondo hauled his ex-wife Future Haadi to court seeking a protection order against her.

He claimed that she opted out of the house and was in the habit of going to his place selling his property and stealing his money.

“I would like the court to ensure that my ex-wife does not steal my money or sell my furniture.

“She opted out and she is now living with Matsika her boyfriend at my property that I bought for the children.

“I gave her money that I received from Canada and she is giving it to Matsika her boyfriend who is a thief.

“Matsika follows me to church threatening to kill me and he told me that he wants to be with my wife,” Godwin said.

He said his wife threatened to kill him by poisoning his food.

“I was not feeling well your worship and laced my food with poison and I was admitted at the hospital.”

Future Haadi disputed the allegations saying she opted out because Godwin had been violent.

“I couldn’t stand the violence that’s why I opted out of the house.

“I haven’t taken my property.

“One day we saw a snake in the house and I told him to call people to kill it but he refused.”

Future told the court that Goodwin was not taking care of them.

“It’s not true that he gives us money; he does not buy food and he only gives us 20 bond for transport.

“I do not have a boyfriend your worship. l am only staying with our children at the plot that I acquired.

The presiding magistrate Tildah Mazhande granted a protection order and advised the duo to do property sharing.

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