Woman urged to participate more

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Woman urged to participate more Morgan & Company officials with arts regulatory chiefs and the winners


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

POOR participation of females in talent search programme and arts exhibition is still a cause for concern, an arts regulatory chief has said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the  Morgan  & Compnay “Artspiration” prize giving ceremony held at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe last week,  National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Nicholas Moyo said it was high time female artists come out of their shells.

“…the said thing about today’s exhibitions is the number of females that took part in the exhibition.

“On one side, you celebrate that its young people where we celebrate the youths, that’s the way to go but we need to be celebrating our female artists. Where are our female artists,” asked Moyo.

Asked where female artistes were lagging behind, the NACZ boss said:

“There are two things involved here; first, they (female artist) are always working behind boys.

“At times they don’t want to measure to the competitive arena; they do good works and they always measure them up.

“They vet and censor themselves saying boys will always win.

“Number two, it’s what I always say at times people suffer from low esteem.

“I have already made an observation, we have made a discussion with Morgan & Co and the Gallery (NGZ) and we were saying, maybe for next year, we need to start a programme that ensures and encourages young female artists to take that because it is our responsibility.

“We have made that observation, we are going back to the the drawing board and ensure see how it goes..

“We should start our programmer early next year but the temptation would be to come up come up with an award for females.”

Moyo also hailed the participants for their creative edge at the prize giving ceremony.

“I think we are beginning to see a new breed of young artists that are very experimental in approach and they are giving a different touch to their art as well as ensuring that given a theme, they can easily interpret it.

“For me I see them living in a different space and the way they then use different art forms and expression they are moving from the traditional art forms that we are seeing in the existing master.

“The new guys are ushering us into a new era in the appreciation and interpretation of art.”

On his advice to the three winning finalists, Moyo added:

“They should invest in their art but the temptation is when you win  and you are going to celebrate and go for a holiday.

“You know if you get money that you had not planned you have never planned for, you can abuse it.

“In my own view, I think the artiste should make deliberate efforts to invest 60 percent of  their earnings wards their art.

“They can invest in buying material or getting more exposure through applying for courses on line on their own.

“’They should not wait to be sponsored.”

Meanwhile, three finalists – Munashe Munyavi, Blessing Chikanyanga  and Brave Gavaza – smiled all the way home with

Prize monies.

Event organisers and sponsors – Morgan & Co – received 47 entries from various participates.

Out of 47, 16 arts works were selected where selected in graphics, painting and drawing.

Three Finalists were then selected in the contest, which ran under the theme “Smiling through diversity”.



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