Woman uses juju to seduce men

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Woman uses juju to seduce men



24 April 2018


AN UNIDENTIFIED woman stunned congregants at an apostolic sect shrine in Kuwadzana on Sunday when she confessed to using juju to sleep with men of her choice.

The woman said she uses juju over the years to lure men of her choice.

She said she is having time of her life by indulging in sex with men of her choice and initiate fellow women.

Receiving her deliverance at Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika of Johanne Masowe yeChishanu, Kuwadzana sect, the woman confessed to be equipped with juju to have sex.

“I have been using juju to sleep with different men of my choice and I have lost count of the exact number of men I have slept with.

“My juju makes men pester for sex and I also offer the juju to my fellow women.

“I have been sleeping with both married and unmarried men of my choice.

“I was once married but my husband left me because of this problem.

“I have been given this by my late father who was a sangoma but now I am tired,” she said in front of the shocked congregants.

She added:

“At times, I can disappear and reappear after some time, no one will see me.

“I change into a snake when caught in action.

“I have many tricks to lure men and they can’t resist me.

“Ndinosunga varume, ndinopa vanhu mupfuhwira and I even curse people.

“If I curse a man he will stroke or even die.”

Madzibaba Spenlodge prayed for the woman and assured her that she is now delivered from her problems.

“God loves you and you are now free from the marine spirit which was haunting you.

“From today you will live a proper life away from these spirits.

“You have been failing to have a proper relationships because of these problems,” said Madzibaba Spenlodge during the service.

In an interview, Madzibaba Spenlodge said:

“I am preaching the gospel of peace and unity, I am just following the footsteps of Baba Johane.

“If peace and unity prevail, there will be no hatred among congregants, Zimbabweans and Africans.

“I am delivering people from their bondages and it should people should not be confused or fear.”

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