Milicent Chasinda

A HARARE woman is seeking the eviction of her husband from their matrimonial home, accusing him of insulting her with vulgarities.

Jennifer Mufuka applied for a protection order against her husband, Golden Mutizwa, saying she was tired of being insulted.

“He insults me using vulgar words in front of the children who he does not even take care of.

“I purchased the stand with my own savings. I wish the court can allow me to repay him the money he helped me to build the house,” Mufuka said.

Mutizwa said his wife was not being entirely honest.

“Some of the things she said are true, but some are lies.

“We looked for the residential stand together and I can bring a witness”, Mutizwa said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira postponed the matter to September 26 so that both of them can bring witnesses to testify.

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