Woman wins peace order against neighbour

27 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Woman wins peace  order against neighbour


Natasha Mbewe

A Harare woman was granted a peace order against her neighbour, who she accused of violent conduct.

Munezvipi Mombeshora accused Vengai Mutapaire of insulting and assaulting her.

She told the Harare Civil Court yesterday that she was scared of Vengai and wants her peace back.

“He came to my house three times to insult me carrying a weapon. At one-point when he visited, I found myself on the floor, and I am not sure whether he hit me or not.

“He even told me that he would send people to kill me at night. I just want to stay in peace with my children. It’s my house not his,” said Munezvipi.

Vengai denied the allegations and told the court that the issue is over his piece of land.

“I do not go to her house and I do not have anything to do with her. Let her stay away from my stand. At one point she was even influenced to lie that I kidnapped her,” he said.

However, Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order and ordered Vengai not to assault or harass Munezvipi.

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