Arron Nyamayaro in LUSAKA, Zambia

A WOMAN, with five sets of twins among her 16 children, has shared the challenges she faced bringing up her children.

Fravia Mwanakuku, 49, of Mumba District, Zambia, met The Twins Association of Zimbabwe leaders — Farai Lawyer Katonha and Tendai Mayor Katonha here, and shared her story with them. Umba District has more than 3000 sets of twins. “Fravia is a strong and blessed African woman who worked beyond her means to raise her 16 children,” said Tendai.

“Among her children, who include eight boys, Fravia and her husband managed to educate seven who completed Grade 11, while others got to Grade 6 and 8.

“Twins are a blessing from God, they are born as a voice and challenge to people around them.

“It is the duty of every community to support the gift of God but a number of people fail to grasp that.

“By supporting multiple birth and twins, you will be planting your seeds on a fertile ground.  We are urging the whole continent to stand up, open their eyes to understand how God works by giving the world twins as well as some living with disabilities.

“Let us join hands in embracing what God has given us to unlock hidden treasures of the Almighty.”

Fravia’s daughter, Bridget Mwanakuku, 35, is among the teachers at the recently-opened school for twins and multiple births.

Bridget, and her twin sister, were born when their mother was only 14.

A regional summit of twins, which was scheduled to be held in this country, was called off at the last minute.

The Twins Association of Zimbabwe delegation was expected to arrive in the country yesterday.

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