Women groups unite in condemning domestic violence

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Women groups unite in condemning domestic violence Gamu


Rest Mutore

PRESSURE groups have condemned all forms of violence against women.

This follows the arrest of DJ Fantan on domestic violence allegations.

Born Arnold Kamudyariwa, Fantan appeared before Mbare Magistrate Rangarirai Gakange, charged with malicious damage to property.

The charge falls under the Domestic Violence Act.

Fantan’s wife, Gamuchirai Nemukuyu, accused him of emotional abuse perpetrated by denying her the right to work.

She also accused the popular disc jockey of destroying their household property worth US$250.

The case has been postponed to May 20 for trial.

And, reacting to the development yesterday, a number of women and human rights activists urged people to desist from gender-based violence.  

Talent Jumo, of Katswe Sistahood, saluted Gamu for coming out and reporting the alleged abuse with the police.

She said such forms of violence against women have also contributed to the rise in suicide cases and drug abuse.

“We are concerned about issues of violence against women. Traditionally, people only take physical attacks seriously but emotional abuse can also lead to suicide and abuse of drugs.

“Denying someone the right to work is economic violence, we advocate for economic independence. 

“When someone denies a spouse an opportunity to work it’s either they want to dominate or control them.

“We hope that justice will take its course in this case involving DJ Fantan and his wife.

“A lot has been happening and people have been suffering the abuse silently and Fantan’s wife decided to come out, which is commendable.

“The allegations of destroying household property are also tormenting her and it means she is not safe at home. 

“There are also allegations that he soaks blankets in water, which we also condemn, and should be taken seriously.”

Mwanasikana Wanhasi, through their director, Annesley Ndondo, said:

“As Mwanasikana Wanhasi, we have been following the recent developments on DJ Fantan, whose real name is Arnold Kamudyariwa with regards to ‘allegations’ of Domestic Violence.

“Although there has been a flip flop in information erupting from Social Media, as a women’s rights organisation we strongly advocate for communities in which women’s rights are respected because women’s rights are human rights.

“We also took note of a video, in which Gamu was walking home alone, showing a sense of disgruntlement. 

“We, however, will wait to hear from the court ruling set for 20 May 2022 so that we can give a full statement on our position as a women’s rights organisation.”

Women Excel Trust director, Rodney Mutombo, said it is sad that there were some men who were still abusing women.

“The statement follows the recent case of DJ Fantan of Chillspot, where he is being alleged to have been abusing his wife emotionally.

“Despite progressive laws and legal frameworks, we have as a country, it is very saddening to note that we still have men who abuse women.

“As Women Excel Trust, we challenge law enforcement agencies, and other state institutions to protect women from any form of violence or abuse and we would be pleased if justice will be served not only in this case at hand but on every case where women rights are being infringed,” said Mutombo

Marriage counsellor, Mai Gunguwo, also reacted to an H-Metro post about DJ Fantan on Facebook.

“We say no to domestic violence. I encourage women to empower yourselves. The reason why women withdraw from such cases is anenge akufunga kuti tozodyei. 

“It’s high time you empower yourself, earn a living and make a decision once without fear yekuti kana akasungwa tozochengetwa nani,” said Mai Gunguwo.

Edinah Masiyiwa, of Women’s Action Group. said: “Domestic Violence has been criminalised in Zimbabwe and, as a group, we don’t condone that. 

“I am speaking on domestic violence broadly, not the case before the courts. We can’t speak about that now. 

“But, in general, we don’t support any forms of abuse against women.”

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