Women love me: Prophet Israel

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Women love me: Prophet Israel


30 March 2017

Prophet Jay Israel with new love Khanya Mankayi

SPIRIT Life Church leader, Prophet Jay Israel, says he will remain focused to his spiritual calling despite temptations from women who seduce him.

In an interview, the flamboyant man of cloth said it is by the grace of God that he has been overcoming this temptation.

“Most women are attracted to wealth, charisma, power and looks and all that I have – that is why I am loved by most ladies.

“I have been fighting temptation of sexual sin from the age of 18 when I started my ministry because women have always been on my case.

“I cannot give credit to myself for conquering most of these temptations but it was mainly by the grace of God,” he said.

Narrating some of the scenarios, the clergyman said the women who are after him are foreigners, locals as well as women from his church.

“I have countless women who have come home seeking for prayers and end up wanting to sleep at my apartment.

“There are some cases where beautiful women would just get straight to the point and tell me how much they wish to be intimate with me.

“It hasn’t been easy because these women I am talking about would be beautiful some foreign others local women and some would even be from our church,” he said.

Apart from upholding Godly principles, Prophet Israel said what also stops him from committing sexual sin is the need to protect his reputation.

“One of the reasons why I will be getting married soon is because I want to settle in my love life.

“I always avoid by all means being caught doing the wrong things because I have a reputation to protect and that is why you see I always try to be on the safe side,” he said.

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