Work to end load shedding: Zesa board told

28 Nov, 2019 - 12:11 0 Views
Work to end load shedding: Zesa board told Minister Chasi


Praise Masvosva, H-Metro Reporter

THE new Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority board has been told to work hard towards ending load shedding in the country.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development Fortune Chasi yesterday urged the board to hit the ground running in a bid to end power cuts.

“Zimbabweans are tired of load shedding and I urge the new board to make ZESA a cohesive organisation.

“We want to end power shortages which are caused by corruption and failure to plan.

“I am urging you to work very hard so that we end load shedding in the country.

“People of Zimbabwe are now tired of this load shedding issue so I am urging you (the board) to work towards the end of these power cuts.

“They are now tired of explanations but they now want results so starting from now you should bring results on the table.

“You should give us short and long term plans so that we move forward,” said Min Chasi.

He also promised zero tolerance to lazy members and also described corruption as cancer which is affecting the power supply in the country.

Minister Chasi assured the board that he is putting his all towards the development and ending corruption in ZESA.

“I am 100 percent in this project and I promise to be available always to end the problem of power cuts.

“The Government’s policy on corruption is well known and we are working towards it.

“The board should build structures which will call an end to corruption and we have zero tolerance to people who are corrupt,” he said.

The Energy Minister challenged the new board to make sure every part of the country gets access to ZESA.

“The new board should make sure all the parts of the country gets electricity.

“We have hospitals and schools which also need electricity.

“It will be fair if everyone gets access to electricity,” he said.

He added:

“There is need for complete clean up at ZESA, we need a new ZESA.

“Board members should attend meetings and work hard.

“We want results and the board is expected to produce results not excuses.”

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