World prayer Riddim out

07 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
World prayer Riddim out Malone Tee


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Producer Marlon “Malone Tee” Mureyani of First Class Records has come up with a riddim titled World Prayer set to strengthen people during this difficult time.

The riddim features unheralded chanters like Mr Attention (Tinzwei), Shady Brandon (Ivai Nesu), Codeblax (Oho Jah), Softaz (Raki) and  Tin Tin (Tinokudaidzaishe) among others.

The songs are prayers for the whole world.

“I have come up with the where I have instructed artistes to pray for the world.

“As it stands things are not good because of the coronavirus so we are inviting the presence of God in our lives.

“Without God we are going nowhere so my aim is to send the message to God so that he can have mercy on us.

“We are sinners but we kneel down to God asking for his mercy, we are suffering as a country, as a continent and even as the world,” he said.

He added:

“We have seen money cannot buy lives, look people are dying at the developed countries.

“Money is nothing but we need the presence of God himself.

“He knows what’s best for us and we need to keep on calling his name.”

Malone Tee told this publication that he did not need known chanters to pray for the world but he welcomed who felt like feauturig on this Riddim.

“There was no need to wait for seasoned artists to come and put their voices.

“It is what it is, ndizvo zviripo and these rising chanters have all fulfilled my wish.

“We are praying asking God for the cure and I am pretty sure our prayers will be answered soon.”

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