Worshipers fight over premises

09 Nov, 2020 - 08:11 0 Views
Worshipers fight over premises


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

REFORMED Church in Zimbabwe worshippers yesterday clashed over ownership of a Hatfield premise, prompting them to conduct church service along the street.

Hatcliffe congregation with four branches under it are reported to be claiming ownership of Hatcliffe church premises an issue raised by the latter to their head office to decide.

Hatfield branch worshippers who are the caretakers of the premise were locked outside the premise since September 19.


One of the worshippers told H-Metro that the wrangle has been described as worse than Covid-19.


“Covid-19 measures locked us out of our places of worship but this fight is worse that the pandemic because it is killing people’s faith and spirit,” said the worshiper.


“The branch being forced out of the place are the custodians but congregation authorities are up to fulfil their desires of the flesh which has nothing to do with the body of Christ.


“Tave nemasvondo matatu tichipindira panze kunyangwe hurumende yakatibvumidza kunamata yaongoorora zve Covid-19 zvino hama dzedu dzavakutipandikukira ndivo vatove mhandu nevaurayi kupfuura Covid-19,” said the worshiper.


In a letter addressed by the church headquarters to the chairperson and council of Innercity-Harare congregation in connection with the wrangle said Synodical Committee sat on the  October 16 2020 resolved that Hatcliffe congregation should co-exist with the Hatfield branch of the Innercity congregation at the property until such time the a determination on the appeal is made.


“Hatcliffe congregation is therefore directed to immediately ensure that the Hatfield branch has unfettered access to the property.


“Meanwhile, you are advised that the Synodical Committee will sit in November 2020 to decide the appeal,” reads part of the letter.



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