Milicent Chasinda and Mangaliso Kabulika

THE spirit of Christmas is back with a BANG and it was a hive of activity in the Harare Central Business District (CBD) yesterday.

Long queues were the order of the day at most shops in the capital and there was a notable increase in both human and vehicular traffic.

Chipo Nyathi described Christmas as a special time for her family, and she wants to ensure they have everything they need to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“I’m here today withdrawing money to buy gifts, groceries and all the things that will make our Christmas memorable.

“I want to make sure that when the day comes, I will be home with my family and will not be caught up in late shopping.”

Tendai Makuchete said she was willing to endure the long wait at the bank to ensure she has enough money to make this festive season special for her family.

Gogo Musamhi, a pensioner, said the queue at the bank was not moving as fast as she wanted.

“My legs are already in pain and the queue is moving slowly.

“I will endure this because this is the only chance I have to get into town and buy some groceries for my grandchildren,” she said.

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