Yabo shifts focus

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Yabo shifts focus


. . . speaks on juju use                                                . . . ‘Division One is not easy’

CRANBORNE Bullets coach Nesbert ‘Yabo’ Saruchera said they now need to shift their focus after crowned Northern Region Division One champions.

Bullets were crowned champions on Saturday with three games to play after a 1-0 win over Grain Tigers.

H-Metro’s Munashe Kusemwaenda (MK) caught up with Nesbert Saruchera (NS) on his experience and the future. Read on . . .

MK: How do you feel to be the first coach to qualify for the top-flight in the country?

NS: I am very humbled. We deserve this promotion because we began the season on a high note and we sustained the charge up to now. It’s a result of hard work and never-say- die attitude.

MK: What can you say about your triumph over your rivals?

NS: We played so many tough games during the season but as a team with a target, we kept on playing to win. I can remember our game against Harare City Cubs at home, it was tough and they were the ones who scored first but we kept fighting until we managed to equalise and later won the game. There is no small or worse team (shiri) in Division One. We also played a tough game against Beta XI, they are a good side but we also managed to win 1-0. Ngezi Platinum Under19 also gave us a tough run since they played at home, however, due to our determination we managed to win all these games. My target is to have more than 76 points. I once achieved that with Flame Lilly.

Nesbert Saruchera cerebrating with fans

MK: How was the journey throughout the campaign?
NS: NSRL is not easy as I always say, all the games were like a cup game.

MK: Which department do you need reinforcement as you enter into PSL?
NS: My squad is well; I have my trust on them because they are the ones who managed to take us where we are today. We have a very good squad, however, we might need one or two changes. Anyway allow me to give a thump up to my players, we have our captain Prince Mutasa, he was always there to motivate others so he has done a great job. Our goal scorers Kelvin Chibunyu and Marlvin Hwata have also done wonders. I think we have enough personality and they are young and active player. We are not going to change the squad much because I want to give the youngsters a chance to showcase their talent on the big screen.

MK: How competitive was the race?
NS: We felt the heart considering that Black Mambas also wanted to be promoted, so we try our best to create a gap that they will never cover. Mambas were a threat.

MK: What kind of support do you need as you plan life in the PSL?
NS: The management is working on that but as for me I just want my family support, without them I wouldn’t have achieve this. This season we were backed by many sponsors and I would like to extend my gratitude to them. We have Home link, Cover link, NetOne to mention but a few.

MK: What’s your take on juju use in Division One football?
NS: I think if one believes in using Juju and if it works for him, there is no problem in that as everyone has the right to do what he wants. As for us, we believe that there is God who has power over everything.

MK: What’s you take on bribes in Division One?
NS: People always talk about buying referees but I just want to give a thump up to the referees’ committee for a splendid season because I never encountered issues or complaints on referees.

MK: Have you already started preparing for PSL?
NS: Our executive team had already started looking around for new items that we might need for the next season. As for us coaches, we are also busy planning for the next season but players are going to be given a break to celebrate their victory before indulging into the new season.

MK: You have guided three teams to the top-flight so far. What do you have to say on that?
NS: I’m proud about it. It’s every coach’s wish to have a track record. I guided Black Rhinos and Plame Lily before. It’s an achievement and it’s all because of the focus on youngsters. I believe these boys deserve a chance and its’ good they have delivered.

MK: Anything you would love to share with football followers.
NS: The season was very tough but with everyone’s support, we have done it. It is not only me who manged to lead the team into PSL because at Cranborne Bullets we have a very huge number of technical team and their knowledge also contributed to our victory. Some of them were behind the scenes. As I said earlier, my family surely take a part in my victory so thumps up to them as well. The focus now shifts to the big one we want everyone’s support.

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