YACT focuses on adolescents, HIV/AIDS post care support

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YACT focuses on adolescents, HIV/AIDS post care support


21 February 2019

Local organisation Yamurai AIDS Care Trust (YACT) has blamed communities’ reluctance to engage on mushrooming NGOs.

The trust which was founded by 25-year-old Masimba Nyandoro with the help of a Primary Care Counsellor, Christina Chinogurei, was established to provide children living with HIV/AIDS with much needed post care support.

Like most trusts, Nyandoro pointed out lack of funds as one of their major setbacks and scepticism from members of the community.

“It has been difficult but we are sailing.

“Some communities have been reluctant to engage because of some of these so-called NGOs who implement half-backed and non-sustainable projects leaving communities more dependent on them.

“Now we wish to expand into Zvimba district if funds permit.

“We are in the process of creating stronger relations with the clinics in the district to help us identify where there is great need through the District Nursing Officer,” she told H-Metro.

YACT has been working extensively in Dzivaresekwa and are hoping to extend their helping hand in due time.

The founder added that they had chosen the high density suburb after noting the prevalence in that area.

YACT has been working to create a space where the children can freely express themselves and live normal lives without negativity.

With the help of their life skill centre, the young adults are being imparted with self-sustaining knowledge to prepare them for adulthood.

“Our adolescents help caregivers on economic strengthening projects such as value addition, ISAL (mikando) and organic gardening which will also help then in having healthy diets.

“We have managed to enrol a number of children who had dropped out of school and for those who did not perform well we are helping them supplement their subjects.

“We have also provided stationery for the students but the needs are still proving to be greater than the funds we have for the project.

“We want to achieve a free space for children who are living with HIV and those affected where they can freely talk about how they feel and how they can live a healthy normal life free from self-hate, blame, recklessness,” Nyandoro said.

The trust is a member of NANGO, they are guided by NAC and have been working with Rotary E-Club.

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