‘You can close beerhalls’

25 Mar, 2020 - 17:03 0 Views
‘You can close beerhalls’


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

IMBIBERS in Harare have expressed mixed feelings over an immediate ban on gatherings around night clubs, bars and beerhalls.

After visits to several drinking spots in Harare, H-Metro realized most drinkers do not mind the closing of drinking spots in light of the Covid-19 threat.

Alton Madyara popularly known as Dhombi, a regular reveller at Home ground sports club, said inasmuch as he enjoys drinking at the pub, he will have to take the beer home.

“Mabhawa ngaavarwe.

“This disease isn’t a joke and vanhu ngavagare mudzimba.

“Mumabhawa muri worse amana, munopinda chero ada, just imagine kuYellow neku Pabloz kwakapindwa naZororo apa chirwere ichi is highly contagious,” he said.

“You just need to self-quarantine. I am used to that and I always drink and work from home.

“Ndomushonga nokuti makwikwi hwahwa hunonaka,” said another.

Norman Ngizo, a Kambuzuma reveller told H-Metro that he believes drunkards were immune to Covid-19.

“Chirwere ichi hachibate munhu anodhakwa nehwahwa nekuti zvakanzi corona haidi alcohol.

“Even kuti haibate vanhu vatema saka isu kana tichimwa hwahwa hapana need yekurambidza mabhawa kuti avhurwe,” said Ngizo.

Another beer imbiber who preferred anonymity said he is devastated since he spends most of his time in the beerhall.

“I can’t spend the whole day with my wife; she is nagging.

“I am used to spending time in the bar,” he said.

Another said in bars they do business.

“It is impossible to drink from home.

“We also do business here in bars and that is where we get social life,” said the man adding that it was not going to be a normal way of life for him.

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