Zvikomborero Parafini 

FORMER Finance minister Tendai Biti is back in court today for the pre-sentence hearing in the matter he was convicted of verbally assaulting Russian businesswoman Tatiana Aleshina.

Aleshina is affiliated to Westprop Holdings and is in an ongoing dispute with Biti’s client Georgios Katsimberis.

Biti was convicted after a full trial by Harare regional magistrate, Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro, who ruled that people can’t be allowed to call others ‘id***s’ and walk free.

The top lawyer was initially hauled to court in 2020 and refused to plead to the charge arguing that the charge was defective but a not guilty plea was later entered.

“Accused (Biti) appeared in court and refused to plead raising issues wrong with the charge but a plea of not guilty was entered.

“The history of the matter was that he excerpted to the charge in July 2020 saying the charge was defective saying there was no physical contact between him and Tatiana.

“He then made an application for referral to the constitutional court raising several issues and the application took a year narrating the various constitutional violations.

“The application was dismissed by this court and is still pending in the High Court, a second application was made before this court and an appeal is still pending.

“He further argued that the charge is too wide and too vague leaving it meaningless and basically  offends the principles of legality.

“It appears that despite the court’s rulings he wants this court to amend its own ruling on the constitutional issue, it’s mind boggling that he didn’t exercise his right for direct contact to the constitutional court.” said Muchucuti.

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