You can’t seek a protection order for your boyfriends, magistrate tells woman

Faith Mandizha

A HARARE magistrate has told a city woman she can’t seek a protection order for her boyfriends.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira was hearing a protection order application brought by Sharon Manangu (22) against her ex-husband, Raphael Tarisara (48).

Raphael Tarisara

Sharon told the Harare Civil Court that she was living in fear of Raphael, due to his abusive nature. Magistrate Mashavira granted the application by consent.

She said the protection order was for her and not her boyfriends.

“You can’t seek a protection order against your ex-husband for boyfriends,” said the magistrate.

“If they have a problem with Raphael, they can apply for a protection order on their own.

“Whenever he sees me walking with my boyfriend, he turns into a beast and assaults us.

“I can’t even date anymore because he still thinks we will reconcile.

“He insults, harasses me at my workplace, attacks all my male friends and sometimes issues death threats.

“I no longer live a peaceful life, your Worship.”

Raphael didn’t deny the allegations.

“She’s my wife although we are currently not staying together.

“I’m not opposed to that application,” he said.

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