Jet Zim donates clothes to children’s home devastated by fire

Faith Mandizha

THEY are not walking alone.

The children of the home, which was devastated by a fire, have been handed new clothes by Jet Zimbabwe, a subsidiary of Edgars Stores.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mrs. Tjeludo Ndlovu, the Group CEO of Edgars Stores, emphasised the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community support.

 “We don’t operate in a vacuum, rather, we trade in a community, and it is our duty to assist and uplift the community members in times of need.

“Jet Zimbabwe’s focus on children extends beyond this donation, with a forthcoming campaign on children’s cancer further emphasising our  dedication to helping young individuals in Zimbabwe,” she said.

The donation came as a surprise to Mrs. Maria Sithole, the director of the Harare Children’s Home.

She said the generosity shown not only provides support, during these trying times, but also instils hope and a sense of belonging in the hearts of the children at the home.

 “We never thought something like this would happen,” she said.

“These brand new clothes are a welcome treat for our children, especially after the fire incident that left them distraught.

“We usually rely on second-hand clothing, but this contribution will bring smiles back to their faces.”

She highlighted the home’s reliance on the support and donations from the community.

She said they still needed essential items such as bed linen, blankets, uniforms, beds, satchels, books, shoes and even blazers as schools are about to reopen.

There has been an outpouring of support for the children’s home.

Socialite Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa indicated last week that she was putting together a package to help the home and the children.

“I have some influential friends who are good people and have a heart for our communities and they have indicated they could come on board and help this home and the children,” she said.

“Our focus will probably be on the provision of blankets for these kids because it’s still chilly during the night and they need to be warm.”

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