Young blood dominates at Star FM

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Top radio station Star FM has seen the year 2015 starting on high note giving its prime slots to young presenters. Star FM programming department led by Comfort Mbofana has made major changes to its day to day on air line up. The working days have seen a turnaround by bringing a fresh sound to the countrys leading station. The highly entertaining slot, which was hosted by veteran presenters Mbofana himself and Bongai Zamchiya, is now being hosted by Napoleon Napstar Nyanhi and Nikki Ndoro but still remain a must tune into the show. The high profile slot promises to grow bigger and better judging by the potential that the two talented presenters have. The refreshing pair of Iyati and Ta-ri-ro on the Breeze that airs from 9am to midday, has not changed and remains the stations constant slot as the two beauties complement each other. Afternoon premier show, The Cross Over (TXO), which was presented by legendary Otis Tha Flow Fraser from midday to 3pm is now being presented by the energetic Shingai DJ Mox Mokina.
The show now has new intriguing slots like the Hip Hop Havoc, a pure hip hop segment thats biased towards Zim hip hop. The House Breaking 30, a 30-minute slot of hot house music and the lunch time smack down which features local super stars interviews and school run shout outs are also some of the intriguing sessions of the show. The vibrant and gorgeous KVG teams up with the hilarious Phathisani on the new look 326 Express. The show is surely one of the most hilarious and fun-filled shows and is serving its purpose to make sure drive time is not hectic time but a time one can wind down and relax as they make their way home. All bodys quest, kombi quest, 326 chat, 326 top five and drive time star of the week are also some slots that make the unique drive show a show not to miss.
Our new programming line-up is guided by the need to cultivate talent do what they were hired to do — talk and entertain. Our core mandate is to keep content local and relevant to the consumer. As a station we have created a conducive environment where our young, talented and dynamic personalities can connect with the audience. Our talent has to thrive while being mindful of the important constituencies, the shareholder and of course, the listener, said Mbofana.

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