Young innovator seeks US$500K for agric university

23 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Young innovator seeks US$500K for agric university Gerald Judges


Ashley Mujoma

A 24-year-old young innovator who dreams of establishing an agricultural university is seeking US$500 000 after acquiring land for construction of the project.

Gerald Judges, who is also the founder of an organisation called JET Project Junior Economic Thinkers, said his Critical Agricultural Mathematics of Economic Development (CAMED) had acquired land in Rusape.

“The land was given to us by Chief Tandi in Rusape

“But we still require more land because our plan is to build a CAMED campus in every province of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Judges said the purpose of the university is to help students set up life-sustaining businesses, after completing their three-year courses.

“The courses at CAMED University will help students generate income while still enrolled at the institution.

“We are pleading with the Government to help us with financial support to enable us to build this university,” he said.

He said they had engaged chiefs and school heads, who have embraced their idea.

“Students’ results will be graded according to their capabilities in generating income through agricultural projects, with the assistance of lecturers,” said Judges.

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