Young wife resists rural life

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Young wife resists rural life


Audrey Kativhu

A HARARE man is at odds with his young wife who is resisting to move from the capital to settle in the rural areas.

Peace Madambure, 21, approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against Trust Nduna, 28, before magistrate Sharon Mashavire.

Peace is accusing Trust of evicting her from their matrimonial home and also verbally abusing her.

“He is lying that we reside at a rented apartment when the house actually belongs to him.

“I am pregnant with his child yet he starves me and he left me in that house on my own.

“He is now denying the paternity of the child I am carrying because I refused to go alone to the rural areas while he enjoys city life.

“He is taking our property away, without my consent, and he even took the bed which I slept on,” said Peace.

In defence, Trust said:

“I sold the house and due to rent increments d I can’t afford it anymore.

“I am renting an apartment with my friends, which I pay US$5 a month, and I asked her to go to Chipinge to stay with my parents until I am financially stable.

“Right now my salary is peanuts of which we need to buy preparation for our baby.

“I love my wife and that is why I am sending her to my parents in the meantime.”

Magistrate Mashavire dismissed the protection order application for lack of merit.

There was no proof of abuse.

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