‘YOU’RE A KING BROTHER’. . . Master KG calls Winky D a superstar

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‘YOU’RE A KING BROTHER’. . . Master KG calls Winky D a superstar WINKY D (left) and MASTER KG


Tanaka Mahanya

TOP South African musician, Master KG, has hailed Zim dancehall stalwart Winky D ahead of his album launch this month.

The album will be launched on December 31, at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Winky D won the heart of Master KG when they shared the stage together last weekend at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

An array of South African artists performed at the same event where the Ninja president was on fire.

“After what I saw on Sunday, if I had time I would attend all your shows.

“You are a king brother,” said Master KG in his tweet, which has been endorsed by many.

Hordes of Winky D’s fans are now ecstatic and looking forward to the launch of the album.

Most of them claim the album will be a club banger although they haven’t listened to any of the songs.

The trust and faith the fans have in Winky D, who hardly disappoints, is overwhelming.

Below are some of comments triggered by Master KG’s tweet, whose screenshot, has gone viral:

Our father, who art in vigilance, hallowed be thy name, thy music come. Thy music be sung in the club, as it is played on the radio. Give us this album our daily bread and forgive us our ratings for past albums, as we forgive those who made album skits and deliver us from the Rick Ross flop as we fill Up HICC, for dancehall is your kingdom and power and your craft, forever as a Gafa, amen. – Kalonga.


 Yes, please we are ready! Thank you for loving us enough to do this Winky D. Zvakuzonakidza.Gafffa! Yes, the chosen one. Rumbi Masunga.


Thank God my child will be delivered after the 31st of January, I will make sure I dance to this album and induce myself into labour. Tariro Siyaduba.


Been listening to Mangerengere, the song summarises situations in every African family, thumbs up Baba Abhurama a true philosopher. Aisha Matsungo.


My wish is to, at least, get one song from the album so that when the album (is released) we have to vibe when we attend the show. Tee.


We just have to admit that Winky D is naturally talented. Very few musicians can do what he does. I cannot wait for the launch. Even Master KG has praised the Igwe president. Nodza Nodza.

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