Gamuchirai Bhachi

A KAMBUZUMA woman says her son disowns her and instead likes to claim that she is his wife.

She has been living in fear of her son, whom she claims is a drug addict and has applied for a peace order against him.

Gertrude Savanhu told the Harare Civil Court that her son, Tongaishe Chatukuta, assaults, insults and threatens her with death.

Incredibly, he likes referring to her as his wife.

“He is my son and he insults me, saying I am not his mother, but his wife.

“He demands the rent money I collect from my tenants.

“He is on drugs and steals my property to quench his addiction,” said Savanhu.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira asked her if she had reported the matter to the police and what was the outcome.

Savanhu said she previously reported him and he did some time in jail.

“Your Honour, I have a Form Three daughter and I am now afraid that he might do something to her when I am not around.

“Tongaishe should move out of my house,” she said. Tongaishe was in default and magistrate Mashavira granted the peace order.

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