Youths confront climate change

Faith Mandizha

YOUTH organisation, All For Climate Action, has emphasised the urgency of taking action to address climate change.

The impact of global warming is becoming more severe and widespread.

The organisation held a panel discussion yesterday aimed at amplifying the voices of young activists by providing them with a platform to express their concerns, ideas and demands.

Speaking at the event, climate change educator, Natalie Gwatirisa, said it is inspiring to see young people taking the lead in creating a more sustainable future for all.

She said young people were not only passionate about climate change issues, but they were now also actively holding global leaders and fossil fuel companies to account for their actions.

“The voices of young people have been leading in the fight against climate change and they must be included in the decisions made now, and steps taken to ensure that they can hold governments accountable.

“Young people continue to lead on climate action and as it stands, and rightfully so, all renowned climate change activists are young people.

“Across the globe we have seen young people holding global leaders, fossil fuel companies, accountable for their own actions and we still need more of these youth voices,” she said.

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