Youths defend Kirsty Coventry

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Youths defend Kirsty Coventry


12 September 2018

Min Kirsty Coventry

ZIMBABWE Youth Council yesterday congratulated newly appointed Minister of Youth, Sport, Art and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry for landing a top post.

The youths said this brings hope in the lives of youths.

“Our expectations are high that your coming in brings a phase of salvation for different youth groups and organisations,” Youth Council said in a statement.

Addressing the media yesterday, the executive chairperson of Young Miners Foundation, Primrose Miga said it was their mandate as youth organisations to defend the ministry.

“Elections have come and gone, Zimbabwe spoke through the ballot and those who were aggrieved sought legal relief and judgement was pronounced.

“That is the pleasant indication of the existence of democracy and independence of the judiciary system in our country.

“As youths organisations we feel it is now time to hit the ground running and ignite our economy,” she said.

Miga said a continuous phase of politicking will not take the nation anywhere but will instead create an atmosphere of hatred, violence and economic stagnation.

“We note with great concern the speech by Mr Nelson Chamisa over the weekend, a speech which was riddled with unfortunate and seditious remarks that cannot go without a word of reprimand.

“Whilst we were still celebrating the appointment of Hon Kirsty Coventry as a new Minister of Sports, Art and recreation Mr Chamisa played the Grinch and attacked Hon Coventry in his speech in Chitungwiza.

“As organisations that represent the youths we feel the sexist, racial and vulgar pronouncements made by Hon. Chamisa are not only ingenious but also dissipated and unwelcome.

“Hon. Coventry has never been known as belonging to any political party and surely for Mr Chamisa to publicly scorn her is unacceptable and deplorable,” she said.

Miga added that they sympathise with the Minister Coventry and urged her to ignore political avowals and develop shock absorbers.

“Politicians, especially those in the opposition play a crucial role in monitoring and evaluating the work of the ruling government.

“We are a peaceful country and our youths deserve a peaceful environment to exist and operate from.”

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