Youths empowered in green skills

Faith Mandizha

SCORES of youths have been empowered through green skills.

The initiative was an initiative of the Higher Life Foundation.

With the aim of empowering Africa’s future, the organisation hopes to equip young minds with sustainable green skills which will be their compass to create a better continent.

In a statement, the Higher Life Foundation said it was essential to address the challenges of climate change, poverty and unemployment.

“Let’s invest in our youths and cultivate a sustainable legacy for generations to come and, at Higher Life Foundation, we have been sowing the seeds of change through the Reimagine Rural Africa initiative and the Next Agripreneur programme, cultivating a thriving community of young farmers on the African continent.

“Through our innovative programmes, we’re constantly trying to equip young minds with agri-expertise, comprehensive training in climate-smart agriculture, modern farming techniques and entrepreneurship, fostering a generation of eco-entrepreneurs.

“As we celebrate International Youth Day, let’s applaud the transformative impact of green skills on our youth.

“Through such programmes that develop sustainable green skills, we empower youth to embrace eco-friendly practices and create a brighter, more sustainable future.”

The institution also highlighted how, from eco-leadership to innovative farming, these skills forge a path towards environmental resilience, economic growth, and a greener tomorrow.

Higher Life Foundation was founded in 1996 by Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa.

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