Yvonne Yvette on new collection

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Yvonne Yvette on new collection


3 July 2018


…against women’s objectification

Award winning designer, Yvonne Gambe Ndava, of Yvonne Yvette, said her latest collection was inspired by the need to address societal beliefs that enslave women.

The passionate creative, who named her red dominated work Kiss- Bespoke Collection, expressed the need for self-love and for women to stand up for themselves.

“Women face a lot of challenges because of social beliefs within our culture (African culture) whereby they can’t be themselves or wear what they want without being objectified.

“This collection is about encouraging women to stand for themselves, have a choice in society about what they wear and above all self-love.

“I want women to feel good about themselves with this collection no matter, what size, colour and where they come from.

“The colour red is a warm and a positive colour which is associated with love, it is a very strong-willed colour,” she told H-Metro.

Yvonne Yvette has blossomed over the years from a hobby to a sought after brand that has received at least four awards since its launch in 2014.

Asked on her decision to name her latest collection Kiss, she said she loves what it represents and it fits well with the message she is trying to convey.

“To me a kiss symbolises love, I believe, the one who loves you will always see it fit to drop a kiss on you when you are wearing a piece from this collection, be it on the forehead, on the cheeks or on the lips.

“I have been working on it since October last year just after I launched the Bow Collection.

“Designing requires a lot of research on trends, materials and target clients.

“The process is ongoing, I am actually working on my next collection which will be launched in a few months,” Yvonne said.

Kiss Bespoke Collection will be officially released today and the brand has been releasing teaser pictures to fashion lovers on social media.

The six pieces of apparel consist of pants, flared and mermaid styles pieces.

The head designer revealed that they chose to work with red because of the effect it has on how one carries themselves.

“Red gives confidence to those who are shy or wish to strengthen their will power,” she said.

Yvonne credited her success over the years to the attention she pays to the clients’ needs and her thorough nature.

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