ZACC commissioners sworn in

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ZACC commissioners sworn in


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday swore in seven of the eight Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission at State House yesterday.

The seven, who were sworn-in, include for Harare West MP Fungayi Jessie Majome, John Makamure, Gabriel Chaibva, Thandiwe Thando Mlobane, Frank Muchengwa, Michael Dennis Santu and Kuziva Phineas Murapa.

Mabel Ndakaripa Hungwe –the eighth commissioner- was unavailable.

In a post on twitter, Permanent Secretary for Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said President ED assured the commissioners of support.

“President @edmnangagwa assured ZACC Commissioners of nothing else but cooperation from Executive. He said they will be supported by him and the bulk of innocent ministers. Those who do not cooperate with them have something to hide. He assured them of no Executive Interference.”

Majome hailed President Mnangagwa for his stance to fight corruption saying she would stand with the chairperson in making sure all corrupt elements are brought to book.

“We are still to sit as a new commission but I am prepared to implement the mandate of the Commission and make sure Zimbabwe decisively deals with the menace of corruption from policy level to an enforcement level.

“We will make sure a culture of zero tolerance to corruption is done and am prepared to work with Justice Matanda-Moyo together with other seven members,” she said.

Chaibva said the starting point in dealing with corruption is to make sure all areas are looked at, urging those who are good at pointing fingers at others.

“His Excellence President Mnangagwa has been very much concerned about the proliferation of corrupt acts and activities in the country saying it has weighed down the social economic development in terms of economic recovery.

“The commission now in place will certainly look at how we can proceed and there are more cases than people think about.

“We have a problem with people who are good at pointing fingers at others and think that corruption is in government only.

“In almost every profession there is morale corruption besides in government and we will make sure everything is dealt with from its root,” said Chaibva bragging that he is a man of integrity.

As the commissioners get down to serious work, Zacc chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo said they are currently carrying out investigations.

“For now we are still doing the investigations. We have got the Auditor General’s Report, the NSSA Audit Report, we have the Hwange issues, Command Agriculture, we have got so many cases we are looking into.”

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