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In showbiz, there are players who are always in the background but still make things happen.

Their names are never mentioned when the band leader makes a breakthrough in life.

Sam Sando Hombe

In this week’s instalment of your favourite column, From the Horse’s month, a session guitarist who has since assembled his band shares his story. Read on…


My birth name is Simon Nyakatangure, a session guitarist.

Sam Sando Hombe

I have just assembled a musical outfit known as The Perfect Sounds as I started my solo career after years of hopping from one band to the other.


Put simply, I have decided to test the waters by putting together my own group and see how I can make it in life.

Many people in my circles prefer calling me by my stage name, Sam Sando Hombe.


I was given the moniker owing to my exploits as a multi-instrumentalist who was largely self-taught.


I was born 37 years ago in Murewe where I did both my primary and secondary education.


After completing my Ordinary Levels in the year 2001, I worked at Cairns Food for 12 years before I quit to pursue carpentry.


I also manufacture tiles but music remains my first love.


My calling for music started at a tender age when I was still in high school.


I once played home-made banjos imitating others but later realised that there was need for me to perfect my craft by playing electric guitars.


I managed to buy three guitars which comprise the bass, lead and rhythm when I got employed.


Following my exploits, I found myself serving numerous groups as a session guitarist where life was unbearable.


My journey as a session guitarist started around 2005 when I joined Trymore Bande who used to play sungura before he converted to gospel.


After helping the boy for three years, I went on to join King Pharaoh’s Marumbe Express from 2008-10.


Between 2010-13, I rendered my services as a session guitarist to many seasoned and rising artistes.


Towards the end of 2013, I joined Zachariah Zakaria’s Chilli Boys.


I only worked with Zaka Zaka from 2013-15.


To be honest, Zaka-Zaka was one of the selfish bosses I have ever worked.


With Zaka-Zaka, we used to perform before full house in remote areas where entertainment starved fans paid to attend our shows.


After a weekend of tours, Zaka-Zaka made sure that he disappointed.


His payment was a mockery to the services we gave him and I decided to leave.


He used to say ‘chinhu chedu’ but he enjoyed the profits alone.


Afterwards, I joined Mark Ngwazi in 2015 when he assembled Njanja Express.


I worked with him for two years but I didn’t get what I had bargained for.


With Mark Ngwazi, we were struggling to put food on the table but we enjoyed work.


At one point, the boy was almost giving up but we encouraged him to remain focused.


After doing my best to prop up the youngster, I then decided to quit and joined Somandla Ndebele’s camp for six months.

With Soma, I had just come in as a replacement to one of his guitarist who was unwell.


As a solo artiste, I have since recorded a single album titled Vakashanda Kare at Blaq G Studios.

Later this year, we are releasing another album titled Ndine Nharo with the help of my producer Zhorizho.

He has been there for me from day one and I take each day as it comes.

My producer is the one who has been pushing me to record and assemble a band and it appears he was prophetic.

As we speak, everything has just fallen in place and we are glad that my musical journey is taking shape.


When it comes to the matters of the heart, I can safely say that I am happily married to Tsitsi Samungure.

We are blessed with two children –  daughter Lydia (12) and our eight-year-old son Perfect.

My family drives me to work hard and they are the reason why I am hear doing music.


When it comes to achievements, I have managed to build a beautiful home of my own in the rural areas.

I know many people might not value building ekhaya but the trends are now changing.

I have realised that we can make our own Borrowdale in Murewa.


I will always remember our visit to Mberengwa with Zaka-Zaka where we performed before a big crowd.

Despite him being a selfish boss, we were pampered with cash by artisanal miners who came in numbers splashing cash.

That was the only time I can say I was handsomely rewarded while working for Zaka-Zaka.


In May this year I ran for dear life in Mutoko where we have been invited to perform with Tindo Ngwazi, the younger brother Mark.

We were told everything was in place and that the police had cleared it.

All the hell broke loose when we appeared on stage as the anti-riot police waving their batons besieged the stage and dispersed us.

I had never been embarrassed in my life and up to now I just laugh at that embarrassing episode.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my producer Zhorizho of Blaq G Studios for giving me the exposure to record.

Secondly, I would like to thank Boss Keisha 6 Corner kwaMutsetse,Boss Nyakton Investments and my fans.

Lastly, I would like to thank the media for their support.

I thank you.

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