Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

INNOCENT Zambezi knows that he could have made waves had CAPS United been firing in all fronts in his debut season with the Green Machine last year.

The 27-year-old joined Makepekepe from Harare City and he played well despite CAPS United punching below their weight.

And, he is hoping to better his performance in the upcoming season.

“That’s not easy (winning the league title). It needs a lot of dedication and consistence,” said Zambezi.

“We do believe in ourselves as a team, we have hordes of experience and a lot of determination in our fold that can carry us any day against any opponent.

“I honestly think that if we put our act together, we can be very competitive judging by the kind of personnel we have in our ranks.

“From the way we have been preparing, I think we have what it takes.

“It will all boil down to application, we have a very good coach in Lloyd Chitembwe and we are confident of our capabilities.”

Zambezi said he wants to better his overall performance from last season.

“At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many crosses you have made if they don’t result in a goal for the team.

“Individually, I need to work on a number of aspects so that I get to improve and also contribute positively for my team.

“Football is a game of numbers, it is a game of margins and I need to work on those details for me to be thorough when it comes to my individual game and its impact to the overall team performance.

“CAPS United is a big team and one ought to play big to be able to play there. 

“That’s why I am saying I need to become big as well. I am working on my flaws and consolidating my strengths. 

“So far, it is working out well with my teammates and technical team led by (Lloyd) Chitembwe helping me a lot.”

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