ZARENYIKA fights for women

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18 September 2018

Tinotenda Sibanda and Edwin Nhukarume

BHOGO BHOGO singer Memory Zarenyika says female musicians are facing discrimination and sexual abuse in the music industry.

The 26-year old, who has been quiet in the music industry, said women in arts and music are being taken advantage of their sex.

Our H-Metro reporters (Tinotenda Sibanda and Edwin Nhukarume) caught up with Zarenyika who expressed her dismay over the abuse of women in the music industry.

HM: Why are you keeping a low profile in the music industry since the release of Bhogo Bhogo some years back?

MZ: I have broken the silence in the music industry because I have realised that we need to stand up and be counted in the arts especially music, and fight against the abuse and unfair treatment that women are experiencing.

It is disheartening to note that some young women are being abused by some music producers to the extent of being impregnated.

They are suffering in silence and afraid to reveal the challenges they are facing because they fear to tarnish their image.

HM: What changes have you noticed in the music industry since you have been away for some time?

MZ: There are a lot of changes to be honest as there is a lot of competition these days unlike in the days I started this musical journey.

I am glad to note that there is an improvement in terms of production though some are not taking the production seriously in terms of quality of videos and sound.

It is however disturbing to see that there are a lot of men that are dominating the industry.

This is also caused by the abuse of women in the industry as some will choose to leave the profession because of challenges they face in discrimination and sexual exploitation.

HM: What inspires you to do music?

MZ: As you noticed that my music is more of social commentary, I am inspired by what I experience daily and the activities in the society.

I do not condone women abuse and I have found music as a tool to fight against those social ills.

HM: You have recently released singles and three albums including Down Memory Lane 1&2 within a short space of time. Why more work within that short period?

MZ: Since I have been quiet I have a lot in my mind that I need to tell people.

And Bhogo Bhogo has seen its days as one of the popular social commentary songs in the country and the recent work that I have released is doing well.

I am also happy with several songs that have been appreciated by the audience such as Chii chanetsa that has got some fairly good views on social media.

HM: Besides music what else are you into?

MZ: I have a music record label called Zanta Music.

There are some talented artistes that are recording at my music stable and I have a lady by the name Carol who is the future Sandra Ndebele of Zimbabwe.

Zanta music is the future and music lovers should look forward to it.

HM: Why the name Zanta?

MZ: Zanta means beautiful and that is the name that I am using in the music industry.

I am beautiful that is why I have decided to use that name. I am proud of myself and love the way I look.

HM: Are you married?

I am in a relationship and happy.

My love life is great.

HM: What other artistes would you like to perform with given a chance?

MZ: It would be great to have an opportunity to have a collaboration with the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi.

HM: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am looking forward to penetrate the international market and make a big name for myself.

HM: Thank you for your time.

MZ: You are welcome.

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