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Shelly Guni recently in KWEKWE

ZDF Queens on Saturday experienced a horrific journey to Kwekwe where they were set to play their first netball league game against Glow Petroleum Queens.

The bus they were traveling in burst its front tyre a few kilometres after the Norton tollgate but fortunately, the driver managed to control the bus resulting in safe parking.

However the team had to endure an awful three-hour stay in the sun as they waited for another bus from Harare to come and pick them up.

The players were starting to be demoralised by the situation but stayed put as the game that was scheduled for 12 noon was later played at 2pm after they had left Harare around 7 in the morning.

Despite the breakdown, the team went on to win the game 45-43.

“Our journey was not good, we should have played at 12. It was difficult; we had never experienced such an incident.

“I was worried for my players, I could see the moral was getting low.  They were so geared up for the match.

“Imagine with the moral we had from the camp and it was also our first time of camping. When we arrived, we were only given 10 minutes to dress and warm up,” ZDF coach Joel Sibanda told H-Metro.

The match was so tense with a battle of two halves. ZDF went to the second half leading 24-20, but after the third quarter, they were down by one score as Glow Petroleum manged to cover up the gap.

After the final whistle, the Army side were up by only two scores.

Sibanda went on to applaud his charges for a job well done.

“I give my players credit for playing according to instructions. There was a time when we were down but the team’s fighting spirit was shown and we won by two scores.

“I’m the happiest man right now. We managed to beat the second best team of last season and it’s a great feeling to us. We hope to maintain this winning streak so that we can be able to compete for the title.

“I also want to thank the ZDF family for supporting us throughout.”

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Netball Association through its lawyers recently wrote to the Rainbow Netball league proposing that RANL take over the league.

Part of the letter reads, “If yours is amenable, ours will allow yours to take over sponsorship of the Netball Super League and run it under a name of their choice.”

However indications are that RANL want to be registered as an affiliate under the association and run their own league other than taking over the ZINA led league.

Results of matches played on Saturday are as follows:

PPU Q                          44-39               Ruwa Q

Glow Petroleum Q       43-45               ZDF Q

Beta Queens Q             59-37               Tenax Q

Correctional Q             64 13               Rio Zim Q


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