Forward Nyanyiwa in DUBLIN, Ireland 

JORDAN Zemura says he will take a sabbatical from the next Warriors assignments if coach Norman Mapeza doesn’t change his treatment of players born in England and also improve his player management style. 

The Italy-based defender claims they were subjected to “military style” physical sessions and there was general “unprofessionalism” in camp.

He featured in only one game at the Four Nations Tournament in Malawi.

A source within the Zemura camp, who preferred anonymity, said the “British Brigade” left Malawi feeling unwanted.

“Jordan is no longer coming for any future Zimbabwe national team matches as long as Mapeza is the coach. He will be unavailable. 

“There is a fierce war from the coach to frustrate the Europe born-and-bred players and Zemura has decided to stand up against that. 

“This is something he has kept close to his chest because he is a patient and quiet guy but he can’t keep on putting a lid on something that has serious repercussions on national sport.”

According to the source, Mapeza showed no respect for the players who were born in Europe.

There are claims Mapeza would wake the players up as early as 6am and take them into very rigorous practice sessions with no recovery plan for the next match day. 

“The Malawi treatment was enough for him to make a decision,” said the source. 

Zemura was injured in the game against Zambia and was replaced by Junior Makunike. 

The source said Mapeza never bothered to check on one of his key players.

His club Udinese even advised him to get the first plane back to Italy but he decided to stay to rally support to the Warriors.

“These boys network very much. They exchange notes and experiences. The country risk losing out on potential future national team players if this is not looked into. 

“Jordan is not about football politics and he regards Mapeza highly although he has serious reservations on his management style.”

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