Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

JORDAN ZEMURA says the Four Nations Invitational tournament set to take place in Lilongwe, Malawi, is an opportunity for the Warriors to finetune for bigger assignments coming during the course of the year.

The contest features Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia.

It is set from Saturday to March 26 at the Bingu Stadium.

“Let me first acknowledge the good work which has been done in putting together such a good tournament. It is always good to have such challenging contests in the international break,” said Zemura.

“Playing Zambia, Kenya and/or Malawi is such a good challenge for us as players.

“These are good footballing teams and they really punch hard.

“As players, we are excited going into the trenches to battle out in this contest. We are a team that is aiming for greatness and such tournaments give us the leverage and exposure that we yearn for.”

He added:

“I am very sure the competition in this tournament will shape us as a team and as players going into more competitions this year.

“We are also aware that this competition will also have a bearing on our overall world rankings so we need to really be up to the task.

“In June, we will be playing the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and this is an opportunity for us to gauge ourselves, perfect the errors and consolidate our positives.

“That is how much big this tournament is. We are eager to showcase ourselves as a team and see what we can do.”

He wants his team to always go for a win, no matter the game or tournament.

“It’s our chance to win a crown at international level. Our focus is on doing well and win the tournament,” said Zemura.

“Obviously, it will be good for us to bag the prize. It will give us the confidence going into the year where we have so many competitions to play.”

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