Zesa chairman speaks

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Zesa chairman speaks Sydney Gata


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

NEWLY-APPOINTED Zesa Holdings board chairman, Sydney Gata, has urged fellow appointees to quickly contribute meaningfully so as to revamp the power company.

Gata, who returns to the position after leaving in 2006, was speaking during a familiarisation meeting with Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi yesterday.

He called on fellow board members to action saying their task was difficult and needed their new brains.

“It’s no secret that the parastatal is depleted, a number of engineers migrated to neighbouring countries where they are believed to be contributing to successful power generation projects.

“Our task ahead is a difficult one and I am asking each member of the board to be presently minded.

“I am urging my team to be hands on and obviously fight corruption since the rot is known to be existing in parastatals and always begins from the top,” he said.

Asked why Gata was favoured to return to the position, Minister Chasi said he needed someone experienced to deal with the current power challenges.

“I needed someone with vast experience and who could break our barriers, Gata’s is such person who can bring desirable results,” he said.

The Minister urged the new board to be competent, innovative and transparent in their business saying the public needed urgent power solutions.

“I want everyone of you to be very competent and we will provide checks and balances as who is contributing during meetings and who is not.

“We will reserve our rights and fire any incompetent member,” he added.

Gata and his team have also been tasked to ensure a properly run entity that will synchronise its programs with government policies.

Members who form the board include Ashok Chakravati, Rosemary Siyachitema, Caroline Mathonsi, James Muzangaza, Jonathan Wood, Stella Nkomo, Wadzanai Chigwa, Peace Rugube and Eliab Chikwenhere.

Chasi said the board’s immediate task was to look into the power utility’s forensic report.

Meanwhile, levels at Kariba Dam are said to have dropped to below 30 percent.

This means the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) will continue to tightly ration both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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