Zhakata claims fraud

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Zhakata claims fraud Leonard Zhakata


14 September 2018

…as musician fails to pay debt


Leonard Zhakata

MUSICIAN Leonard Zhakata is at odds with a video shooting company over a 2016 motion picture for Zvine Mwaka.

Arron Goora of Mainstay Media Productions claims the ZORA King failed to settle a US$2 300 since 2016 for his Zvine Mwaka video shoot which Zhakata vehemently denies describing it as an attempt to blackmail him.

Goora had no kind words for Zhakata whom he accuses of lacking professionalism while the latter says he won’t succumb to blackmail by people who want to force themselves in celebrities’ lives.

Aaron Gora

“Zhakata engaged me in 2016 for the shoot of his Zvine Mwaka DVD album and I was to provide everything from the equipment, direct the play and edit the videos.

“We spent one week in Cape Town shooting the videos and to my surprise he never attempted to pay me instead and I used my money to get back home.

“It seems I was duped because ever since then he has been giving fake excuses and making false promises,” said Goora.

Goora said he was assured of payment at album launch but that never came to be.

“As someone I trusted he also assigned me to do an unofficial video for madam boss and I never got anything as promised.

“All this happened in a space of a month and he has been lying that his sponsors will pay but I never got anything.

“He set up a meeting with his team and they never delivered.

“He owes me US$2 300 including storage of the footage for two years.”

Goora said she used five cameras on the launch.

“I hired three cameras and labour and to this day I never got my money to cover for expenses.

“But why are people so heartless and I don’t know how best I can deal with munhu uyu ane mari yangu.

“I suffered hoping that I was going to buy equipment to add ndamuitira work. It’s deeper than that because I ended up losing some important people in life because of him. If he doesn’t pay me for just my expenses I bet, I will go to his shows and pull him from the stage. He is cruel and he took advantage because he knew I was his fan. It’s so sad.

“At one moment I engaged his senior pastor but nothing solid came up.”

Goora said he approached the police who advised him that it was a civil matter.

However, contacted for comment, Zhakata played down the issue and described it as blackmail by Goora.

“We are used to such people who force their way into a public figure’s environment in order to find room to tarnish their repute.

“But allow me to give him enough space to play his game freely. Maybe that will be his lifetime achievement, but as for me, I told myself not to succumb to blackmail.

“For now that’s all I can say, thank you sir,” he said.

However, H-Metro is in possession of WhatsApp chats between the two in which they appear discussing the debt issue at length.

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