Zhakata dancer donates clothes

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Zhakata dancer donates clothes


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

LEONARD Zhakata is not only teaching his band to master the musical game but giving to the poor as well.

This follows his long-serving dancer Maxwell “Yuki” Kanzara’s gesture after he donated brand new clothes to orphans at Isheanesu Multi-Purpose Centre in Glen View.

The 38-year-old, who doubles as a cross border trader selling clothes, said he was touched by the plight of the children at the orphanage.

“I stay in Glen View and each time I passed through the centre, my heart was always bleeding for the less privileged children,” he said.

Yuki said he decided to visit the centre and asked them what they needed most.

“After visiting the centre, I saw a number of orphans in old and worn out clothes.

“When I travelled to Mozambique on business, I decided to buy them brand new clothes.

“Of course many people would assume that they were second hand clothes but you can also get brand new clothes in Mozambique like what I did,” he said.

Yuki said he learnt the spirit of giving from Zhakata.

“Whenever Zhakata is donating something, he always take us on board so that we learn.

“Zhakata told us that you don’t need to be rich to give but the little that you give can change someone’s life for the better.

“In my case, I just said I must do something for my people and I was glad that the beneficiaries accepted my donation.

“As for the value of the goods donated, I don’t want to disclose the figure.

“I would rather keep the figures to myself and only God knows what I have done for the community,” he said.

Yuki, who has served Zhakata for 18 years, said he also celebrated his daughter’s 12th birthday with the orphans.

“I realised that our children need to be integrated with others, especially those at orphanages.

“So by taking my daughter to orphanage, I realised that children are just the same but all they need is love,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yuki said Zhakata has taught him to be versatile.

“I have been a dancer for a years but Zhakata told me that it was high time I learnt to play an instruments because dancing will come to an end at some point.

“I’m now a drummer and instrumentalist because of the wise words I got from Zhakata,” he said.

Yuki was plucked out by Zhakata in Chinhoyi in 2001 when he volunteered to come on stage during a show.

He did his primary and secondary education in Alaska Mine, Chinhoyi.

Yuki is married to Precious Bhebhe  and the couple is blessed with two children – Talent (12)  and Ashley.



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