Zhakata down with illness

30 Nov, 2016 - 18:11 0 Views
Zhakata down with illness Leonard Zhakata


30 November 2016

Zhakata - Leonard Zhakata

Zora kingpin Leonard Karikoga Zhakata has cancelled a show at Westlea Shopping Centre last Friday where he was billed to perform at Destiney Night Club in the capital.

In an interview with H-Metro, Zhakata said he did not turn up for the show due to fever.

“I could not perform on Friday because I wasn’t feeling well, I had no voice and my pitch was so low due to flue.

“I saw it as a direct day light robbery to my fans. Everything was on course but honestly I was not well so I didn’t want to gamble.

“I always want to deliver the best, I promise to make up to them and I know they have been waiting for me,” he said.

He added:
“I wanted to give a fair performance. I am on the mend and I am recovering very well.”

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